Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Neck, My Back...

If you’re like any of my twitter followers or friends you will know that the two videos that are giving everyone a reason to create more #trendingtopics is the Keri Hilson video “The Way You Love Me,” and Raheem Devaughn’s video, “She’s Single.” I guess you could call both videos “provocative.” And if you did, you would not be lying. But it’s crazy to think that the video that is getting more positive attention is the video where someone is actually having (okay, acting out the motions of) sex. And of course it’s the video by Raheem Devaughn…the male.

Keri Hilson- "The Way That You Love Me"

Raheem Devaughn- "She's Single"

Not reigning in on the actual talent of the artist, but strictly looking at the video aesthetically it’s kind of amazing that the general mind set stands where it does. I hardly think the reason everyone hates Keri’s video is because she’s such a terrible performer. It most likely has a little to do with the fact that the female is flaunting her sexual skills and expertise with lines such as, “My pussy’s so good it will keep you out the streets,” And dance moves that would be can simply be referred to as “sexy.” Of course that does seem a little “ho-ish,” doesn’t? But what’s wrong with a woman who simply embraces her desires and decides to act upon them? She is obviously not afraid to take charge of her pussy and I don’t believe we should scrutinize her for doing so. Women are always stifled when it comes to their sexual exploration. And as cliché as it sounds, the double standards are very evident.

Because Keri decided to let her listeners know that she wants to have sex when and with whom she wants, she is now classified as a hoe or slut. That’s crazy to me. Unless I am very much mistaken she is not constantly discussing the multiple sexual partners she has or would like to have. Nor has she been caught up in any risqué scandal. She sung about the way she liked to be LOVED, (and for a lot of people that does include the physical side, i.e.…sex) and she gyrated her body around…a lot.

But even so she did not have any scenes where she was demonstrating some very specific sexual positions. Raheem’s video for ‘She’s Single’, a cover from Lil Wayne’s, “I’m Single, showed him clearly indicating his own sexual skills by leaving very little to the imagination. For some reason a lot of fans were turned on by his demonstration of cunnilingus on the video girl (among other things). But of course there are little reviews suggesting that he showed “hoe like” tendencies. And of course this suggests that the double standard still stand.

We as females are torn between what we should do for the potential and probably microscopic advancement of womankind, and what we sometimes want that goes against that grain. Because of the harsh predispositions people have on most women we are forced to act out the roles of someone who believes sex is taboo, gross and inappropriate. Sex can be a beautiful part of life for not only males but for females too. Maybe we don’t need to go around saying how much we want to get “fucked”’ but don’t limit us to Charlottes when we want to be Samantha’s (And yes. That was a Sex and the City reference).


  1. Maisheda I stared at your main pic for 10 minutes aboso-fucking-lutly gorgeous

    Kerry Hilson gets a big -_____- from me. And I'll just stop there.

    Raheem Devaughn Its about fucking time you demand the attention you deserve. Man I've loved him since his first singe EVER, just like Wale *cough* video Amazing. I'm hooked.

  2. hehe I can't even spell the crazy bitches name right keri*