Hey Hey Hey! I'm Maishéda, most commonly referred to as Shay. A 23 year old enjoyer of EVERYTHING. A self professed connesiour of fine arts, natural hair, nail varnish, earrings and raw foods. Here you'll find a compilation of everything that I love, hate, desire, think, need and affects the world I live in. Feel free to enjoy, engage and expand in this space. It was created for us all! =D

1.What's your full name and how do you pronounce it?
   Maishéda (May-Shay-DUH) Lee-Lucas

2. How old are you and when is your Birthday?
   I'm 23 and my birthday is Feb. 2nd

3. What did you study in college and where did you attend
   I graduated from Howard University with degrees in Music and History

4. How long have you been natural?
   I BC'd on July, 9 2010 which means I'll be fully natural for 2 years on July 9th 2012

5.Where did the blog name chaoticDAYdreams come from?
   I've always been fascinated by dreams, mainly because I'm one of the few people I know who not only remembers the ones I have but is aware that I'm dreaming while I'm dreaming (did that make sense??) Because of those frequent lucid dreams and the craziness/randomness of my life I got the name . I think it perfectly suits me =D

6. Where can we find you around the web?
   Twitter: twitter.com/Shay_Buttah
   Tumblr: Ladysungtheblues.tumblr.com
   Instagram: Shay_Buttahh
   Facebook: facebook.com/maisheda