Friday, March 20, 2009

I will not be moved

Recent realization: People continue to lower their ability at the expense of their identity. We change our beliefs, morals and inhibitions to accommodate the feelings of others. I think the reason I’ve been so ridiculously depressed recently is because I’ve been trying to live my life to the expectations of others. Parents, friends, classmates, anyone of these people can pressure you into performing in a certain way. In the past I personally have allowed for this to be the case. Who doesn’t want to be accepted? Everyone wants to feel as if they belong and gain teh respect of others, regardless of what they may say. But now that I am now officially NOT a teenager, the thoughts of how some people may look at me is very insignificant to my life. “Peer pressure” is something that I am way to old to have to be subjected to. I know what I need to do to live a sufficient life. No where along the way do I need to belittle myself or my reputation in order to go far. I barely care about how my parent’s view me, what makes certain people feel as if I care how they look at me?

In college, at Howard particularly, people-self mold themselves to fit the image of an ideal person; someone with decent grades ,an ample friend network, ties to student government, involved in something greek, and makes the most of the fashion runway we refer to as “the yard”.I’ve noticed that my friends are being wrapped up in fulfilling this image and I’m disheartened. Dropping some of their greatest characteristics (which made me so keen to befriend them in the first place) for the good of making a “name” for themselves on campus. But if you feel like leaving behind everyone who was “down with you” before your new attempt at glory, go right ahead. If you must change yourself to appease people who you feel will help you go far, well by all means have at it. But while you do that….

I will remain an organic intellectual; whose purpose is not to worry about the approval of my peers. The days of stressing out because I “need” to be whatever the world wants me to be are long over. My plea of liberation may be miniscule but it is not mute. I will not let certain individuals suppress my creativity, allow others to push their conformity on me, and give some the opportunity to make judgment on my life. Instead of solely working on the betterment of myself, I will use my uniqueness to branch out into the community help who I can and befriend those who truly like me for me

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