Monday, June 28, 2010

The Rules

Now that I’m 21 and its summer time in DC, I realize that there are rules that must be followed. It’s critical that you stay well within the rules so that you won’t have to worry about falling behind in life, or simply put; “taking the L.”

Rule 1: I refuse to pay for the club.

Let’s break this down logically. The goal of the club is to make money. But the only way it will be able to do that is if it sells alcohol. The money you make at the cover is nowhere as much as what will be made at the bar. Lesson number one: If you want me to pay for your $8 and up drinks I advise you to allow the cover to be free! There’s no way I’m paying $20 to get into your establishment and then pay another $20 on two drinks. If that’s the case I will either:

a. Pay the $20 to get in and sit there looking sour as hell the entire night because I just lost the money I was going to use on a few glasses.

b. Be forced to drink as much as I can before getting to the club, causing you to have to kick me out of your line before I even get in the door, which means you lose my $20.

c. Be forced to compromise my classy-ness and bring a flask to the club and retreat to the bathroom every 5min to take a swig from it.

Rule 2: Learn the public transportation system very well.

Due to the recent lost of my car (*tear*) the metro and bus system has been my best friend. Yea I used it prior to having a motor vehicle but once you’re on your own 4 wheels, public transportation seems gloomy. Why ride the metro when I can drive there in a quarter of the time!

Getting stranded in Southeast, DC (when you need to be in Northwest) is only acceptable when you have a guaranteed ride set up or you know which bus or metro stop takes you to your appropriate destination. Trust me you don’t want to end up in Suitland, MD and not know how to get back to Georgia Ave.

Rule 3: When you first start talking to someone it’s alright to have a back-up person.

If you are just beginning to get to know someone, and you’re just in the beginning phases of “talking”, (this may even be pre-first date) it’s ok to be talking to someone else on the side (as long as you have not expressed exclusive like thoughts to either side.) I’m learning that now.

Rule 4: Don’t get upset when you don’t kick it with the same people you usually do during the school year, even if they are in the area.

Its summer time and this is the time where you are supposed to catch up with home friends and family. If you’re like me and you are staying in the same area you were doing the school year (like most of Howard University) then take this opportunity to kick it with new people. Don’t get upset when the usual crew decides to embark on new adventures with new people. You’ll only stress yourself out trying to figure out why you aren’t spending the usual time together during the summer. When the end of August rolls back around, everyone will be one happy family, all over again.

Rule 5: Create a BUCKET LIST

The summer is a time for you to accomplish anything that you weren’t able to necessarily do throughout the school year. You usually have more time to get your life in order and plan much needed fun and relaxation. Last year I made a list of things I wanted to do during summer ’09. It helps you stay focused and goal oriented and it can be fun…

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  1. It's all true !!!
    #1 I hope your not denied in for being too intoxicated *raises hand in shame*
    #3 is hilarious, gotta have that startin 5. No really
    #4 Has got to be sooo true. I barely talk/hang to my "Hampton" friends over the summer. Womp

    Yayy keep the post coming !