Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things I KNOW to be true...

1. I will never date an ex-convict, even if he thinks I’m pretty.
2. Arrogant people annoy me, probably too much.
3. I’m addicted to natural hair.
4. I need a DC concert line-up as follows:

Theophilus London
Corrine Bailey Rae
Janelle Monae
Amy Winehouse
Jill Scott
The Noisettes
5. Your mom should never email/Facebook message me what you can't say to me yourself!?!?
6. I may not have a ticket yet, and they may be sold out, but I WILL be in attendance at our Homecoming R&B show. Ms. Badu and I will be sitting near a window seat…together…first class…front row.
7. What’s worst? Tricking your boyfriend into thinking that you lost your virginity to him or telling someone to start a rumor about you transferring schools when really you’re still here?........
8. Big earrings and cardigans will be the death of me…at least financially.
9. Twitter is the devil
10. Amy Winehouse needs to get up on this new album. Her best friends are waiting…not so patiently (
@xoladiet, @shay_buttah
11. There are only so many things that one high school can go through. Degrassi when will you end?
12. “the child” and I may actually make a better pairing than I hoped…
13. No one and I mean NO ONE can out drink me. *kanye shrug*
14. Whipped cream and Pinnacle whipped flavored vodka shots are yummy!
15. Which reminds me; Disaronno and Sprite….all I ever need to drink in life again.
16. Graduation: May 14, 2011 is literally around the corner.
17. I want to travel for the rest of the year 2010
18. Certain songs constantly remind me of people who I would rather forget.
19. I need my ride or dies near me at all time, so when I want to take random adventures I’m not alone.
20. Glee is back on. This means I have something to tie me over until Psych picks back up in Novemeber.
21. Howard University’s Music Department can go somewhere!
22. “With every new step along the way I hope that the wind blows you back into my life at the end of the road...”
23. Eddie Long defintely touched them chill'ns!
24. I'm not looking forward to AL Sharpton Preaching at chapel on Sunday.
25. Dim Sum are Grrreat!
26. Must Find New Happy Hour Spots ASAP!
27. I really only talk to like 2 people...that includes my family
28. If I'm not laughing I'm crying
29.Everyone just seems depressed all across the board.
30.Ex's are ex's for a reason
31. I need a vacation ASAP
32. Prayer changes things.
33.Life is so much easier when you don't care.
34.I forgive super easily but I'm bitter and spiteful as hell so don't be surprised if I remember that shit!
35. This song is my life…

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