Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm truly stupid paid, that's just how I feel today

I have random moments in my life where I stop and think about how I’m feeling overall. If you've been a follower of mine for a while you know that it's usually in the form of a list. So here you go. It’s another installment of …

“Things I know to be true

1. So far this season of “The Game” is some ol’ BS!

2. Or is it BET who’s some shit?

3. The fact that Tasha Mack can walk around Cali smoking a black and mild and still be a boss makes me wanna do it too.

4. I consider starting to smoke weed everyday….but then I remember that if I was high, no one would be able to handle me. They barely do when I’m sober!

5. Even if I was inebriated to the point of having to crawl around the streets of DC I would still NEVER get a tattoo of an ice cream cone on my face!

6. The semester just started a week ago and I’m already ready for Spring break.

7. Speaking of which….my va-cay will include Mardi Gras and Miami!!

8. Doing Community Service has always been important to me I’ve been slippin! I must get back on that immediately.

9. I’m going to Uganda for a month this summer for mentorship/teaching opportunities.

10. Michelle Obama’s bob makes me want to relax my hair some days.

11. In exactly 2 weeks I’ll be 22 years old and I’m still such a kid.

12. I’m a lot less reckless than I was this time last year. And yes….that’s a good thing!

13. The New MTV show “Skins”, shows me that I had a ridiculously sheltered high school career.

14. This time next year I’ll be an Alumnus with a career, not a job…hopefully.

15. I might need to start truly saving my money. It’s actually getting really detrimental.

16. I feel like being selfish and fat and take my free vouchers for DC Restaurant Week and treat myself to 3, 3-course meals!

17. Why? Cause I deserve it, geesh!

18. I may be A-sexual…

19. ….and that’s fine!

20. Adele’s new Album, “21”, is about to be the truth!

21. Tumblr is my new favorite addiction (LadySungTheBlues)

22. I’m really happy that my senior friends are starting to finalize post-graduation plans. Each of them knowing what they want to do and how they plan on pursuing that.

23. I just wish I was a part of the group described above.

24. Jamaican Beef Patties are the truth!

25. Actually any “turnover style” food is my absolute favorite…(ie. Empanadas, patties, meat pies, etc…)

26. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while.

27. Nicki Minaj and Marsha Ambrosias have joined the “best friends in my head” club.

28. Sometimes I need to just stop and give God praise for the opportunity to give him praise.

29. 2011 is the year of honesty and self expression.

30. I’m absolutely in love with photography. Especially that of Ryan C. Hamilton.

31. I didn’t realize how self-conscious I was until the “photo-shoot” I had with the above photographer.

32. I have not been drunk since October 11, 2010. It may not seem like a big accomplishment but trust me, when you're 21 and it’s your last year in college it’s a freakin miracle!

33. Someone spray-painted our church van with “Fuck you Nigars” on it….Besides the fact that you couldn’t spell “niggers” correctly who still tags?? *insert blank stare….here*

34. “Can’t stop, Won’t stop” is the mantra for the rest of this semester.

35. #confession: I miss having a male friend that I could tell every ridiculous fuming thought I had without feeling embarrassed. Mainly because my life was actually way less ridiculous than theirs. I just hope that the guy friends I’m getting closer to now aren't my own type of consolation prize. Terrible I know!

36. I miss 90’s r&b and rap.

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