Monday, January 31, 2011

Will it ever be any other way?

As I was sitting in Cosi (a pretty bomb restaurant) I was wishing that I was in Corner Bakery (an even bomber restaurant) because the free WIFI in here was not working. But it’s all good because I had a great mix of Kanye’s, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Adele’s 21 playing from my computer. I was eating a delicious Tuscan Pesto Chicken Sandwich and drinking Mango Iced Tea. Everything was moving hella smoothly. And then HE walks in. Everything I could ask of my future husband, physically and hopefully mentally and emotionally as well.

It’s safe to say that I did slightly swoon. But let me tell you about how I felt like I was in a movie (or a really cheesy commercial) for like 3 seconds. It was like everything went into slow motion. When he walked through the door my head slowly looked up and we locked eyes. He gave me a huge smile and of course I returned the sentiment with a crocked grin. And he walks directly to me. The heart beat speeds up cliché like and my brain starts racing, trying to figure out what I’m about to say. He walks up to me and asks me what I’m eating because it looks good. My voice surprises me with how high and unnaturally sweet my response came out. “It’s the pesto chicken sandwich and it’s really great!”

He tells me that he’s going to try and it and he leaves me to place his order. I start smiling to myself in one of those high school ways. You know the moment when you’re like “I can’t believe he just talked to me!” I was too excited! Now my current mantra is “Ain’t no negro bout to determined my mood” but I couldn’t help it! A chick was geeked. I was even more excited when he came back and sat at the table across from mine. We kept doing that I look up and then when you catch me stare I look back down quickly and then you look up and I catch you and you look down quickly.

(I know this is 10 steps pass corny and ridiculous but trust me It was perfect at the time).

So after about 2 min of that he started laughing and asks if he could sit at the table with me. (*Insert a highpitch “Yea, of course,” from me here_____* ). So then we start talking about lotsastuff and a half hour passes by and I’m in giggly high schooler mood. It was FANTASTICAL!

Everything was going so smooth. He was so engaging and I can honestly say I was as well. We had a lot in common and he was only 2 years older than me with a fantastic job with the Department of Energy. (It was legit too! He had a badge!) I was sure an exchange of digits were in order. And right after he said “Would it be alright if I called you?” and right when I was thinking, “Yes Yes YES!!!” A girl walks through the same door that brought me the future father of my children and goes right up to “my man” and kisses him. I must admit I was thrown off. I was really confused. How could my future life-companion be hooked up already? I replayed the convo we just had in my mind and I don’t think he mentioned having a girlfriend. I also don’t remember this dude saying anything to stop my obvious flirting in his direction. And I could have sworn that it was reciprocated. So obviously it must be this random hussie who is confused!

But of course homeboy says, “Oh Shay, this is my girlfriend Charley.”

I give a weak “hello” to her and stare half-opened mouthed at my future ex- husband and I tell Charley that she can take my seat because I’m actually about to leave to find somewhere with working WiFi (or to actually regain my composure and duct tape my heart back together. But they didn’t need to know all that.) I tell them both it was nice to meet them and my now divorced spouse thanks me for helping him decide a sandwich to eat.( *insert a weak, “Your welcome” and half smile here____*). As I walk out the door I look through the restaurant window and I see them in a long embrace. Her back was to the window and he was looking directly at me. He was frowning and can you believe that I think he really wished he was hugging me?

*Insert Sigh here____.*

(This pretty much sums it up nicely...)

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  1. This is straight a scene in a movie. And with every guy that doesnt work out you lose that little hope u did have. As far as rejection goes these bamas lucky I'm going to therapy on Thur. or it would be kat stacks x juicy campus. Anywhoo your just like me plan your whole life after meeting someone 5mins ago. He's always gonna wonder what could of happen just off that conversation. One day we'll be swept our feet. Patience is a virtue and were learning first hand.