Monday, May 16, 2011

The Ultimate Put On

I know that I'm constantly putting up music posts. It's because the majority of my life has been spent either listening to music, finding new music, playing music or writing music. This blog is basically about my life so it shouldn't be surprising that music will be heavily exposed on here. People always ask me what I'm listening to right now, or they ask for my suggestions on artist/songs to download. Even though all I do is surround myself with sweet sounds, I only have a mp3 player (from 10th grade!) that I use as my portable music device. Yea the one that plays on a AAA battery. It holds less than 200 songs so I'm constantly changing it up.

Anyway, I was influenced by Brittney: Anti-popular, to make a frequent posting of a video of the 20 songs that you can count on me listening to at any given time. I'll try to make it a monthly segment. This month's features some new and some old (mostly newer). I don't know how to categories it. It's a mix of genres and influences. At one point I thought of calling it a "getting it in" list. Moments later I thought it was a "getting high" list. But then in another instances it changed again. Oh well, regardless of the lack of classification, grab a pen and paper and listen anyway. Hope you enjoy =D

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