Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Prelude

Ever felt like something BIG is about to happen? You aren't quite sure if it will be a good something or a bad something, but something is sure to happen.That's how I'm feeling right now. I'm about to head to Miami in T-minus 2 days and in the words of Kevin Hart..."It's about to go...DOWN!" I actually have a bunch to do until then. I want a care-free vacation. The complete opposite of spring break down there. I know I'm already messing up by making any standards for the trip. The motto, "If you don't go into a situation with expectations you won't ever be disappointed," needs to be on repeat in my mind. But like the optimistic shrewd I am. I have to keep hope alive.

Things to do before I leave:

  • attack these two guinea pigs that have grown above my eyes.
  • re-twist the front of my hair. (I really do appreciate the consistent growth my hair has been giving me since I've been natural, but it's unfortunately giving my Senegalese twist no justice!)
  • find a freakum dress for this Saturday night. While in Miami, "Do what the Miami-ens do!"
  • tell the...umm....boy..... that anything goes this weekend...#kanyeshrug
  • paint my toes
  • find clothes
  • wash clothes
  • pack clothes
  • cut some grass, pick some okra, wash some sheets or do anything where I'll be able to make some extra cash.
  • Buy some wedges/heels I can walk all day around South Beach in.
  • re-do the music on my cheap little mp3 player. Shall be filled with The Weeknd, Yezzy, Theophilius London, Childish Gambino, Coldplay, KING, Cee-lo, Michael Jackson, J*Davey and the HP7.2 soundtrack.
And speaking of music....I can hardly never write a post without adding/referencing something music related. I HATE reality tv. I ESPECIALLY despise competition style shows. So the fact that I haven't watched an episode of American Idol since Ruben Studdard won shouldn't come as a surprise. But if I had known that Miss Haley Reinhart was competing I would have watched every episode and voted every day untill I knew she was sure to win. I stumbled across her while I was trying to find the John Legend cover of "Rolling in the Deep." She performed it on this last season and I fell in love. When I say BEAST, I've never meant it more. Her voice reminds me of why I find so much good and comfort from music. Even though she only made it to the top 3 (which was straight up RIDICULOUS when you hear the winner and first runner-up's voices.) she deserved the title as "Americas idol". People say she didn't win because of the "growl" in her voice. I personally love the added touch of personality. Some think SHe lloks too much like Leona Lewis and sounds too much like Shakira. I think she looks and sounds better. Some say it's because she had too much soul or sounded "too black". I would have thought that would have helped her. Even so, I watched every performance she did throughout the season and then I had to download the studio versions of my favorites. Adele....eat your heart out!

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