Saturday, August 20, 2011

I always want you when I'm coming down

Ok so the last time I posted about the very elusive muscian/group/performer(s), The Weeknd, I told you that I knew absolutly nothing about the dude. Thank goodness I finally got it together because the mystery was KILLING me!

Canadian performer, Abel Tesfaye, is giving not just me, but EVERYONE the business.

It's pretty safe to say that i'm more than satisfied ...I'm engrossed . "House of Ballons", has been on HEAVY rotation for the last...oh iono....since I got the mixtape in like march or april! And when I found out that his new mixtape, "Thursday", was beeing released on last Thursday, I knew I had to have it.

On House of Ballons I fell in love with "Coming Down" and "What You Need". And this go around it's all about, "Life of the Party", "Gone" and a joint featuring Drake called, "The Zone" .

I've been filling my most recent playlists with really dark, mysterious and slightly haunting tracks. This dude is to blame. No one's made love, sex and drugs so appealing to me before now. I swear his music makes me wanna start smoking. Everyone who I know to be "put on" are pot heads and pill poppers...and that's fine! They be hype and so do I. But that's a discussion for another day...

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