Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting 2012 Right

So my resolutions life plans are as follows:
  • Get a job that is career related
  • Get back to blogging. (I love writting so I need to get it together!)
  • Read between 3-4 novels/books each month. 
  • Travel as much as possible
  • Continue to eat organic, unprocessed and locally grown foods
  • Make my dreams reality
  • Play more music
  • Listen to more music
  • Create more music
  • Get my finances ALL THE WAY in order
  • Create
  • Find everything
  • Take LOTS of pictures
  • Stop putting people on unattainable pedestals
  • Stop putting energy in things and especially people who dont deserve or want it
  • Really start appreciating the little things such as silence, time and life
  • Meditate and practice yoga with the hopes of getting closer to God
  • Eat. Pray. Love.
  • Read Study the entire bible.
  • Get into Grad School
  • Find a way to pay for Grad School
  • Work for Kanye West's new project DONDA
  • Stand up for my beliefs
  • Develop my beliefs
  • Light more candles and incenses
  • Take better care of my body, inside and out
  • Focus on the person I present to those when they meet me for the first time
  • Help people beyond what they've been taught and help them learn to search for answers themselves
  • Save the World
All Resonable, Reachable, and Attainable, Right?

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