Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Moments in Love

During this season I really don’t want to be phased by the fact that I’m not in a relationship. If this were last year I would have probably been THE advocate for all things Anti-Valentines related. But luckily my maturity level has sky rocketed, and I realize that this holiday is about much more than candies and flowers from your lover.

This year I have decided to pursue a project I’ll be referring to as, 7 Moments in Love. It’s a weeklong event celebrating the love of 3 different audiences in our life; SELF. OTHERS. and COMMUNITY.

SELF: Showing love to YOU by really appreciating and pampering your own body, mind and soul.

OTHERS:Showing love to the ones closes to you. That can include family, friends and of course your significant other.

COMMUNITY: Showing love to people in the greater community. This can be as small or as large a demographic as you want. It could be the community you live in, a place you know needs help, or even the planet!

Each day from tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8th until Monday, February 13th, we will show love to each specific group. We will End on Tuesday, February 14th, where we show acts of love to ourselves, our loved ones and our community!

Wednesday, Feb. 8th
Thursday, Feb 9th
Friday, Feb 10th
Saturday, Feb 11th
Sunday, Feb. 12th
Monday, Feb 13th
Tuesday Feb. 14th

Each morning I’ll post here on the blog, suggestions on how you can show love to the featured group of that day. For example if the day is SELF, I might post a video on how you can pamper yourself. Or if the day is COMMUNITY, I may post websites that can direct you to community service events that are going on that day in your area. But of course you can be as creative as you would like, and even switch the groups around to fit your day.

If you aren’t able to participate in every day, or if you can only do one day that’s fine! Don’t let this become something that you feel obligated to do. The point is to show love to those that we may want to show appreciation to every day of the year but sometimes neglect because we are all so busy or because it may unintentionally slip our minds.

I really hope you all chose to participate. I would LOVE to hear about your Moments in Love. So make sure to leave a comment, on any post, stating what you did each day or if you decide to share it on your blog make sure to leave me a link. After Valentine’s Day I’ll post links to all of your “Moments” so everyone can see how you’ve decided to show love.

I hope everyone enjoys this and if I don't speak to you before next Tuesday, Have a wonderful, safe and Happy Valentine's Day.

(and of course it wouldn't be a post from me if I didn't provide you with a little ear love...)

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