Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where you been, trick?

Girrrrrrrrrl. I've been off the map during April....Actually i've been all over the map. I've been making moves and getting all up in everything. So let me give you a super quick update...

-Went to South Carolina for my God-sisters wedding
-Got into The University of London
-Will be getting a Master's in Ethnomusicology
-Went to London to visit the school/have my interview/and ask BEG for money
-Went back on my juice fast. Its day 23 of 60! We outchea!
-Lost almost 40 pounds since March (sounds crazy but it's super healthy)
-Found myself heavily involved in the dating scene (with one person in particular)
-Getting mentally prepared for Commencement in May
-Going to Sunday School and Bible Study, religously (see what I did there!?)
-Reading a lot of self help books
-Journaling daily
-Staying away from social networking
-Mediating, yoga and exerscising daily
-Began the process of creating a "super" blog. (more info on that to come.)

And since Instagram makes me feel like a photographer/model/foodie/etc here's some pics...

my parents


Big Ben

London Bridge

my&mydaddy <3

(instgram: Shay_buttahh)

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