Thursday, May 3, 2012

Announcement Time!

In my little update post I stated that I've been working on a new and improved "Super" blog. I don't know how super it may be but it definitely will be new and improved.

 Most folk know that I also write a natural hair blog called Shay-Buttah. Unfortunately I haven't been fully happy with the look/content of either blogs. Now don't get me wrong, I love both of these blogs but because of my newly active life, and my feelings of guilt for being so neglectful of of the two, I've finally come up with a plan. It's actually a bit ridiculous that I didn't think of it earlier. The solution is so simple and definitely a "duh" moment. Starting mid-May I'll be putting both blogs into one!

Now don't think, "Aww nah man, this is about to turn into some natural hair fanatic blog." It won't be all that. The site will encompass the same content you're use to (my life, thoughts, ramblings, ideas, music and whatever other fuckery you're use to over here.) It will just be super charged! Basically I'm writing what I want and EVERYTHING I want. It's going to be a jungle of topics and such and I don't think you'll be upset at what you'll find. I've been working on this for a while and I'm almost ready to shut 'em down, open up shop!

The blog will remain under the same name, chaoticDAYdreams, because it speaks personally to me and I can't imagine giving it up. The posts will be daily because I won't have to worry about doing a post over here...and then a post over there. It's all right here and it will be easy to navigate for the readers. You can find/read/watch (yup I said watch!) what you want without being bothered with anything that does not interest you. (Which I can't understand what wouldn't...kidding! ;D )

It's been a while since I've been this excited about something internet related. And I hope you'll be excited too. I'll throw some positive energy into the atmosphere and say this.... It's going to be great! So bear with me while I make this transition. and until the re-launch I'll be posting a few things that I think you'll want to stay tuned for!

until then....peace, and thanks for your continued support. I freakin love ya! =D

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