Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God save the Queen

The only thing worse than going somewhere you hate is leaving somewhere you love.

My friend Nick and I had the opportunity to visit England for the weekend. Nickolas Gordon. The boy who financed this little weekend excursion to the UK. The dude who also happens to be my ex boyfriend and who seems to want nothing more than to gain an all-access pass of buddy-ship with me. Although buying my friendship is never necessary or safe, the international voyage is definitely earning brownie points for him (as if I would pass up a trip to my homeland).

After hyperventilating for the majority of the 10 hr and 35 min plane ride (which included 4 hours of playing the best card game ever, Phase Ten, with the lovely Chris Martin look alike who sat beside me) we landed in London to the most rain heavy day of my life. Of course I loved the wonderful surprise the humidity and wetness gave my hair, but that was quickly pushed to the back of my mind when I found my best friend waiting for Nick and me at the airport entrance. Daniel Dolan (the reason why I have a never fading scar on my left thigh after he decided to drop a hot iron on my leg at the age of 4) has been the only constant thing in my life. After a tearful departure in the 4th grade when my family decided it was best to move back to the states, we've never lost contact even with the 3,760 mile difference between us. Even after what can go up to a few months of no communication we have a very mutual understanding; no matter how long we go without speaking, we're still best friends.

After a rushed check-in/unpacking/changing process at the hotel, Dan took us sightseeing and exploring around England’s capitol. PhotobucketAfter eating the best seafood combo I’ve ever had in my life at this market called, The Rockfish Grill, we rode 3 hrs up North to Dan’s families’ homes. He took me back to the neighborhood I grew up in. It’s weird how much I remembered.

Any who, we spent the early part of the evening walking around the countryside (lol). I also had the privilege of driving. This was a huge feat when you have to consider the side of the rode you’re driving on, the steering wheel and gear shift on the opposite side of the vehicle, and remembering that intersections are replaced with turnabouts (which I’ve yet to master in America!). But once we settled into our hotel, after another 3 hr drive, it all went downhill after the first two shots were drunk. Legal drinking is a feeling I could get use to. Although I’m not fond of drinking in the slightest, not having to worry about appropriate age kept me pretty intoxicated for the majority of the trip. Not helped by the free bartending (“wenching” as it was called) class that we took the following morning. Let’s just say I now have two signature drinks that I will be trying out on my constantly inebriated bestie here in the states.

And then that evening Nick, Dan and I (with the addition of two of Dan’s mates, Cole and Travis. Very adorable!) headed to Nottingham for one of the best performances I’ve ever experienced. PhotobucketRock City is the hottest club ever. Enjoying the performances of Mr. Hudson and the Library (who I adore) followed by a full out concert from De La Soul, was enough to keep my nightlife juices flowing. But then the boys and I were off to this quaint little club called Red Room, where I was introduced to the British version of “getting hype”. Underground basement/house music from artist such as The So Solid Crew, kept random guys hands cupping my hips the entire night (not that I was doing too much complaining, due to the fact that I’m so enticed by those gorgeous accents). Special Performances from “the crew” and Ms. Dynamite, and about 8 drinks later had me feeling England in the best way possible.

It’s so unfortunate the time there was so short. Thoughts of transferring are still on my mind (Oxford’s campus is AMAZING!) It was such a great weekend. It’ll be hard to top this one (although I will definitely attempt to this summer).

OHHHHH I did forget to mention the awkwardness of the trip. But I’ll save that for the next post. Way to tired for that now =D


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