Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things to do during summer '09

In no particular order:
(if it's in orange I already completed it)

*Get a new job
*Find housing for next year [ HECK YEA!]
*Figure out a way to pay for school
*Go thrift shopping with Ryan
*Buy a "I love HU" shirt
*Go clubbing for free
*Declare a new major!

*Expand my vocabulary and overall knowledge
*Find a "bomb" audition piece
*Kings Dominion!!!
*Travel to New York City on the chinatown bus or the megabus.
*Go to Alero on U st., or McCormack and Schmicks for happy hour
*Go to the "Rock the Bells" concert... with Jared
*Buy a circle scarf from American Apparel and learn how to wear it all 6 ways
*get a "late summer" boo (who has never been an ex)
*have a date on the waterfront
*buy a black business suit
*learn more about a certain organization
*take a group of friends to the inner harbor in Baltimore
*visit the Boulevard
*go to Sequoia one Sunday in Georgetown
*read 5 NEW novels
*Expand my knowledge in jazz music and its history

*see TCB in concert
*go to the DC carnival...with no clothes on (lol)
*find a way to enjoy July 4th to its fullest potential
*go to some random free concert series in a park
* visit Artmosphere Cafe in Hyattsville, MD (not anymore since it CLOSED DOWN!)
*eat at 7 NEW restaurants in DC (including California Pizza Kitchen)
*treat everyone to Frisbee, food and drinks on the National Mall
*sing at an open mic night
*paint a painting for my new abode

*eat healthier
*use the Wii Fitt everyday or some type of replacement exercise
*expand my sushi palette/ find more places to eat Sushi besides U-sushi on U st or Saki in Adams Morgan
*re-evaluate my "friendships" (especially the ones closest to me)
*start meditating to enhance spirituality and inner peace
*invest in a new bag

*travel to South Carolina to see my family
*Learn more about my Gullah culture
*spend a weekend in Ocean City
*spend a weekend in Virgina Beach
*get @iamcudi and @wale to follow me on twitter
*see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at the midnight screening
*learn new recipes (including one for lasagna bites and sunset margaritas)
*host my own fajita/margarita night

*redefine my style
*establish my reputation so that next semester when people refer to me they think, "Oh yes, Maisheda, that super fly and classy chick."

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