Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

The one thing I can say about summer '09 is that it's definitely been filled with adventures. So far 21 and older clubs, drinks prepared by mixologist at incognito bars, random weekend trips outside of the United States, multiple dates and sneaking into dorm rooms to participate in game nights, have filled the majority of the last month or so. It's definitely an entire different scene than I'm use to. And fortunate enough for me, I love it! It's weird when you're use to spending your weekends writing 14 page papers and watching season 1-3 of Psych on "Hulu". Before last semester ended I felt really conflicted about where and how I wanted to spend my summer break. The only thin gI was sure about, was that no matter where I was located, I had to have a job. But “where to stay?” seemed to be the overwhelming question. I could stay at home so I can be over an hour away from a social life and have to deal with the parental treating me like I ‘m in middle school. I could stay on campus where I would have little focus and way too much partying. Or I could go to South Carolina, stay with my family and take a sabbatical from the Howard/DC/Frederick scene (aka "my wack life"). A lot of changes and lack of changes seemed to constantly pull me in several directions and it really seemed like no one understood why this was one of the hardest decisions I've made. I know it sounds ridiculous to have "where will I be plotted for the summer?" be my largest concern but it's only this difficult because the results of this decision would literally determine my sanity. Lucky enough for me I think I've made a good choice. Staying at home seems to be pretty convient for the time being. I'm close enough to “the district” to be able to work and kick it, yet I'm not on campus where the attitudes and philosophies of my peers can penetrate the person I'm trying to become. South Carolina would have been a great plan if it wasn't for the fact that my phone has NO SERVICE at any of my families homes (due to straight country/ small town living).

Anyway this summer has been pretty great thus far, and it's really only the beginning. There's so much I want to do, and so much more I have to learn about myself. I'm just happy that I've placed myself in an environment conducive of my self growth...and of course an environment where having a good time isn't just an option, but a necessity.

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