Monday, March 15, 2010

The Beginning of the End

It's the begining of Spring Break and i've already had my fair share of interesting events. Unfortunatley I will be sitting right here in the District for the duration of it. Oh well, I'm not too dissapointed. I need to work so... "I can get my money up!" (said in a wacka flocka voice) But I will take this time to explore the hidden corners of DC. I also want to spend this break doing all the tourist like things I refused to do when I first got here 3 years ago.

Anywhoooooo the love of my life, Sojourner, was killed. Yes I am speaking about my car. My first car. One of the only constant things in my life. I may not know where I stand with certain people but I knew that I could always jump in my car and atleast ride my frustrations away. I did that silly thing where I even named my cute little silver, Dodge Neon. Her name was Sojourner Truth, because I swear we went through EVERYTHING together. We could have travled to the north and back 50 times over because of her will power. I swear I would run her untill her last horsepower ranout. Unfortunately for me, I didn't even get to say goodbye. I chose to allow one of my friends to borrow her and in return she crashed it into another car. Supposedly the breaks gave out and the wheel refused to steer anyway but straight. Weridly enough I had NEVER had a problem with the breaks or steering wheel in my life and had just got a tune-up about a month ago....but I guess things happen *rolls eyes*. It's safe to say that I cried not only because my parents were about to kill me for allowing someone to drive my car without me in it, for even a second, but because I would never see Sojourner again... I must move on to another subject cause the womb is still quite deep.

Anyway it was Howard University's Charter Day 2010 on Friday and the Charter Day Gala Dinner was on Saturday. If there's one thing you can most defintiely count on when it comes to the dinner is that no one will remember what happened during the program but everyone will remember how many cups (or bottles in my case) of wine they drunk. Here's photo vomit for you...

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