Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Beginnings

I promise this wasn’t a Britney Spears moment. I’ve planned this for months now and it just seemed like the most opportune time to do it. I decided to do “The Big Chop” (BC). Why??? Well let’s start at the beginning shall we…

I’ve never been one to care about my hair. Like honestly, if I couldn’t get my hair to sit right *which was usually) I had no problem walking out the house with it either looking “a hot mess” or throwing a hat on top of it. It was only very recently that I decided that the thick, yet brittle mop on top of my head needed to be tamed. I was soooooo over relaxers (the creamy crack had to go!) and I really wanted to use more products that used natural and organic ingredients. So right around the same time I decided to work harder or my tendrils I stumbled into the natural hair community on YouTube. Woahness! I had no idea that the answers to all my hair concerns were only a few clicks away! So then the obsession began. Every available moment has been made to learn more about “my type of hair” and how to care for it. I especially love watching product reviews (especially since I’ve become somewhat of a product junkie myself.) I’ve learned so much from the videos/ blogs as well as my own research on products/ingredients/terminology/styles and so on. I also love watching the hair journeys these ladies have taken to get to the healthy and long hair goals they created.

So in the same fashion I decided to embark on my own journey…which led to my BC. In all honesty it is something that will take a minute to get use to, but I’m looking forward to facing the complex journey to my own hair goals. So yea. I haven’t really seen anyone since I chopped it off and I’m ready to hear their opinions. I KNOW that there will be negative ones, especially from those whose’ ignorance leads them to calling females “chicken heads” but I’m prepared for it. I did this for me and no one else. And as long as I love it (which I do!), I could care less about anyone else! #kanyeshrug #truthhurts #ohthefuckwell =D

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  1. Woahness in a paragraph. I had no idea you were even thinking of cutting your hair. I swear going natural is the new addiciton. I remember when I did a mini Rihanna 3 years ago. The first feeling was FREEDOM. I felt so alive, new and fresh. *cough* cutting your hair can also be a pyschological process when your feeling burdened you cut your hair which gives you a feeling of cutting off that issue probleming you. *cough pysch major* Anywho I'm excited for you. look up these natural hair blogs... Afroniquly you,, curlynikki. And whatever anybody has to say seriously say FUCK YOU, I'm 21 I'll do what I please. We're finally at a point in our life where we'll never let anyone elses opinion make us question ourselves. The feeling is amazing