Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am facing terminal PMS...

I'm usually the calm, peace-maker type, but recently everyone has been pissing me off. No...like EVERYONE. I don't know what's going on with me. I'm in the mood to cut off everyone (except like 2 people) and start over. Everyone's been fuckin up and i'm anxious to give out pink slips. Me and the bestie were just talking about how we thought we had our core set of friends set. We just recently weeded out the loose ends and had our Circle of Bests finalized. Unfortunately I've been recently feeling like a housemate at The Bad Girls Club, crib. All I want to do is go out get drunk and have an excuse to fight anyone who leaves their bra on my pillow.

It really could be me. It really could. You know what? Scratch that. I refuse to think that I'm the crazy one. I'm dealing with people who don't tell me that they don't want to help me. (knowing good as well that I DIDN'T ask for it and even though they know i'd help them in a second with no ccomplaints), people who tell everyone else but ME how they feel about ME, people showing their true colors in serious situations, people who cringe at the phrase "ride or die", people who act like bitchasses and children, and finally those who are afraid of confrontation and avoid you but metion you on social networking sites.

If you fall into any of those scenerios you're probably pissing me off. I'm annoyed by your lack of tact and maturity. I'm not in the mood to salvage these friendships. I'm not even going to chuck the dueces at these people. They can just take this as a formal invitation to dismiss themselves from my existence. I'm tired of not knowing who my real friends are. And I'm especially tired of making excuses and rationalizing people's behaviors. I'm done playing the bigger person for real this time.

I'm in heat of my menstrual cycle, so i'll blame this rant on that.

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