Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to black

So my last post I was a biiiiiit upset. lol ,ok so I was way more than upset. But i'm good now. Like really good.

Last night I attempted to make moves to Cococabana. This club in MD that no one knew about unitll last night. EVERYONE was there and it was all good times untill "the children" (my, now sophomore, friends) got so drunk off of Goldschlager and Bacardi Superior that we had to leave after being there for literally 15 min. One of "the children" vomitted on the side of the bar....she's 19 which had security side-eyeing us. So we took her outside and as I held her hair out of her face so she could continue to puke, who walks right beside me? My good ol' ex, Rondell.

Everything happened in a matter of moments. something like this...

Rondell- "Maisheda? Is that you?"

Me- " Oh goodness. Hey Ron."

Rondell- "Do you guys need any help? Like a tissue or some water?"

Me- "Oh, No. I think we got it taken care of. Just one too many drinks."

Rondell-"Oh yea, well I'll see you inside won't I?"

Me- "Yea probably in a few minutes."

Rondell-"Well if ya need something let me know."

Me- "I will thanks."

Security/*wannabecop*- "I don't think you'll be seeing him. You guys are too drunk to go back inside."

Me- "I'm actually quite sober"

Puking girl- "Yea me too! I just ate a bad angus burger. I want to shake my ass with everyone too!"

Security/*wannabecop*- "o_O" (silence)

Me-"o_O" (silence)

Rest of "the children"- "o_O" (silence)

Me- "It's time to go."

Safe to say that it WAS time to go. There was no way I was leaving the vommiting girl in the car by herself for the rest of the night and there was NO WAY I was about to go in that club to stumble upon Ron. I haven't spoken to him in a month, and I had no intentions to experience an awkard moment with him in my inebriated state...especially not at Cococabana.

But of course this morning when I woke up (and I was up at 6am for some ungodly reason) I checked my email and guess who express mailed something my way. Well Rondell of course!

Summerized below:

"You looked so good tonight. I really like your hair cut. The flower brought out your smile. I wanted to see you inside tonight but you disappeared on me. You didnt have to end your night early because of me. Anyway I've wanted to talk to you for a while now but I had no idea how to get in contact with you cause your phone is still off, and I know you don't live off North Capitol anymore. I wanted to talk to you in person but who knows how long that will be from now. So basically I have a girlfriend. And she goes to Howard. I don't know if I should tell you her name but we met like 3 months ago and started dating the end of July. I just wanted to be honest with you since you couldn't be honest with me."

Well this whole email is fuckery at its finest. First of all how can you compliment and then insult me so swiftly? Secondly why do I care if you have found another girlfriend? Did you think I would think it was too soon because you broke up with me? Thanks for trying to save my heart by letting me know before I stumble upon the fact that my classmate is dating my ex. It's college. And a small world. We all date each other's people. Thirdly,you can't tell me her name why? Do you think I would try and find her? And lastly WHEN was I not honest with you? whateva....

And since we are speaking on honesty. Let me be honest with myself. I am slightly upset. But that's natural. You never want to see an ex with someone when you have no one. But I'm not just upset with that. I really liked Rondell (still do) and I'm not quite over him. But I'll stop being honest for a second and blame that on the fact that I have "letting go" issuses. Not so much me "missing him" issuses.

P.S... Did I mention that I was a co-writer to Amy Winehouse's, "Back to Black" album?

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