Thursday, September 2, 2010

The hunt...cougar style

First order of business; I had no idea that anyone really read this. I mean I secretly hoped, but I think I much rather have been oblivious. lol. I really only write on here because I need a diary of sorts that is NOT a social networking giant (ie, twitter, facebook.) I like to express my random ass thoughts. But recently random folk are telling me that they’ve been following me. I’m not sure how I feel. I guess slightly embarrassed that my peers/friends see me in my most ridiculous and vulnerable setting or kinda giddy that I have an audience. Oh well. Ima keep posting fuckery either way. So if you’re Ariel, Taylor, Ryan, Courtney, Anna, Jessica, Isaiah or G-D, #shoutouts for making me feel all self conscious. I do appreciate it =D

Anyway…Have you ever considered becoming a cougar? I’ve never thought much on the idea of age when dating until recently. I’m not sure if I’m even old enough to have cougar-like thoughts. Anyone’s that’s remotely younger than me would be a teenager and that’s simply out of the question. I refuse to cradle rob anyone who’s classified as “barely legal”. I’m about to graduate from college; you from high school? That’s NOT going to work! But if you’re one of my “late birthday” friends and you’re a junior in college and you’re about to turn 20…I guess I can give you a chance, if your maturity spans far above your show size (unless you’re Shack wearing like a size 33 or something). In the past I stayed very far away from guys 2+ years older than me. I’m not sure why I felt that it was so inappropriate at the time. But now (insert term for “male cougar”) can be a very appealing thought. Of course they have to be WAY WITHIN the boundaries.

Those old, nasty men who sit at the bus stop and/or outside those gross takeout restaurants waiting for you to pass so they can lick their lips and say, “Hey, miss lady,” in your direction, do NOT count. You can be looking incredibly unattractive at the moment and they still feel entitled to holler (literally!) One day when I was walking pass one of those take-out establishments the hollering began…continued…and ended with a 50ish-year old man telling me that he had a nice surprise, that only a woman my size can handle. What I’ve gathered after many similar scenarios is that a. Old men like big girls and b. Crusty old men LOVE big girls. I don’t know why but they feel it’s acceptable to “reel me in” with references to how much they appreciate my weight. I should still be a 21 year old GIRL in their eyes. That’s like my father telling me that he wants me! FUCKERY!

But if we chop the age down by 30 years I think I can be accommodating. A mysterious 27 year old, established, “young” man with mental and physical drive (I’m talking about a vehicle, sickos!) is looking like the move! That mystery man can rob my cradle anytime. That sounded very wrong….I’m okay with that. lol!

But can I be an established woman with a younger man interested in pursuing something with me? IDK….it seems unrealistic. Can he brag about me to their friends as I would brag to my girlfriends about 27 year old mystery man? If he did I would probably be the Courtney Cox of real life. Prime time entertainment for real. Damn double standards! Oh well I’m not planning on dating anyone younger than me anyway. I’ll stick to dreaming of my 27 year old man. It will probably be better for me anyway.

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