Friday, December 17, 2010

allow me to re-introduce myself....

Name: Maisheda (more fluently known as shay)

Birthdate: 2/2/89

Birthplace: across the pond

Ethnicity: black

School: Howard University

Job: dealing with the black folk NAACP

Status: single…and that’s fine

Current Location: the dee dot cee

Parents: are parents

Siblings: one sister. I call her the “devil in a new dress”

Pets: Jay Jay the Goldfish

Drinker: a maharishi of beverages

Smoker: not yet

Virgin: you may call me mary

Height: 5’11

Weight: a lot
Shoe size: 10
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: black

Hair length: healthy.

Glasses/Contacts: glasses

Piercings: ears and nose

Tattoos: Ask me in 10 days…

Favorite Color: yellow .
Favorite Number: 18
Favorite Animal: lemurs

Favorite Flower: calla-lilly
Favorite Food: calamari

Favorite Restaurant: cheesecake factory
Favorite Ice Cream: cotton candy
Favorite Candy: the cottony type

Favorite Drink: cream soda
Favorite Genre of Music: is ‘good music” a genre?
Favorite Artist: margo humphrey and jacob lawrence
Favorite Song: today it’s “every now and then”- the noisettes
Favorite Book: harry potter (typical)
Favorite Movie: imitation of Life
Favorite TV Show
Favorite Season
: autumn


Age you got your license: 18

Car: oh memories…
Cellular device: today it’s a nokia (im a blackberry girl at heart)

Language(s): english and meccaisms
Fear: death
Obsession: natural hair/big earrings/cardigans
Instrument: many but if you want specifics lets just go with Bass clarinet and guitar

Future Career: teaching your children the dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian, Ionian and locrian modes.

Goals to achieve: meet j,k rowlings and thank her for my childhood

Find me on:

Twitter: @shay_buttah

Facebook: Maisheda Lee-Lucas



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