Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Winter Wonderland

IT'S FINALLY OVER. The end of fall semester. Schools over as well as my job. Well atleast for a little while. I have a little less than a month to relax and catch up on everything that laid way-side as I struggled for top-notch grades and top-notch monies! I’m really looking forward to winter break. The opportunity to get back to meeee =D These things include and are not limited to the following:

*stay warm. no snow for me, Santa please!

*reading, reading and more reading!

*making fun recipes that I can enjoy while reading (like the raspberry smoothie pictured)

*lots of community service.

*searching for major related jobs and internships (hopefully paying ones)

*writing lots of blog posts about my random musings

*watch lots and lots of great movies and OF COURSE LOTS AND LOTS of episodes of PSYCH!

*dealing with this childhood issue that always seem to resurface (which is kinda weird since the only two people I’ve ever told about it is either dead or dead to me…wow, I have to laugh at how sad that sounded.)

*Mentally prepare myself for this new year (I’m getting excited!)

*spend lots of time with my family and friends from high school (since I haven’t the last 4 years..yelp!)

*finding lots of protective styles for this random length of kinks and coils sprouting from mi cabasa.

*be as healthy as I can be (eating well and exercising)…

*….that means lots of Just Dance 2 for wii!

*travel around a bit.

*playing /writing a lot more music for the fun of it and not because I have to.

*having an age appropriate New Year's Eve….one that will reflect that of the movie, The Hangover, and will not be memorable in the slightest.

*Ohhhhh and did I forget to mention that Kanye West has a video for “Monster” coming out soon? First of all I love this song (everyone knows that every time Nicki’s rap comes on I go INNN) but the preview for this video is SICK…and I mean “sick” in all meanings of the word. I am too excited to see the finshed video!


  1. Love kanye's video, love the song!

  2. 1st - This blog was so funny to me, it was like a page out of a satire magizine, so simple but funny.
    2nd - Kanye needs no explanation. Serioulsy u could have said "Kanye has a video coming out very soon" and seriously I'm already sold. But seeing that there is a preview I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT !!!