Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creativity outside the frames...

So before I write a real post...I PROMISE I AM TODAY!...I had to put you on real fast. Yea I was put on right before Valentine's day so we're both in the same boat. But for the fans of that hot-fire, spit game called poetry, please direct your ears in the direction of the man name Harold Green and his beard.

I'm a fan of poetry/spoken word, put to the background of music (since it's all the same anyway). I was thoroughly impressed with the following series titled, "Flowers for the Living 2011". For 14 days leading up to Valentine's he featured his vocal art to covers of some bomb music. His words were beautiful and the performances from the "band" followed suit. I swear he makes me want to go through the ups and downs of a relationship right now.... just to have something to relate to. Check out some of the "days" below, and make sure to watch them all here.

And if you liked them all please download the's free, why not?

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