Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Peace be still

Wow. When did March get here? It really came out of nowhere. Wasn’t New Year’s last week? We are 2 full months into 2011 and things are really moving swiftly. I’ve been so busy and constantly on the move that I hardly have time for the internet when it doesn’t involve research for school or work. It’s actually been extremely overwhelming. But I’m starting to devise a system to get me acclimated to my everyday hustle. My weekly to-do list is looking furious as of late. (See photo to left)

And when I say, "A vacation is in order!" I’ve never been more serious. Especially since it’s creeping into Spring =D I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for the spring time. Fall has always been my favorite season but I’m really looking forward to this year’s second season, even though the spring is usually when I am doing the most running around and such (especially with this whole graduating thing coming up). I think I’ve taken a pleasant disposition recently, because of last weekend. I went on a quiet retreat. And yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. You are in silence the whole time. And it’s not as if you’re by yourself. You are surrounded by people and even interacting with them….only silently. I thought it would be a lot harder not communicating with anyone but I actually preferred it a lot more than socializing (woah!). I realized that I over think everything I do and say to people who I actually feel very close to. In the silence I was able to literally be myself. I simply existed. And that thought is what will keep me through the rest of this year. It was more than relaxing. It was powerful. I never realized how loud silence can be. (If you get what I mean). And now I feel exactly how I’ve wanted to for so long. Peace is really still within me. Even in the midst of this storm of work-over load, I think I’ve found a means to get it done, and to get it done peacefully…

(P.S...the book title in the picture is most definitely inspiring some discussion topics which I will most definitely introduce to you as son as I finish reading it!)

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