Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can't tell me nothing!

Ok. So...I'm feeling myself. No like, FEELING myself. I don't know why. But as of late, Self-confidence has been through the roof. I'm really feeling like I can do anything right now! I know I can step into the taboo areas of style,love and maturity and still be completly comfortable with myself. I don't know what's to blame for this but recently I've felt more aware of my surroundings as well as myself and I love it!

So now that I've gained this noticable gain in confidence I've decided to use this as a regulator for the rest of my school semster. First off, I'm about to have a dumb good time in NOLA as well as Miami! I'm especailly looking forward to Florida. First off I'm over here spending tax-refunds like I don't have a last semster of school left. Yup I'm over here playing book-less chic. You know where you have money for Louboutin shoes but you haven't paid tuition yet....

Well it's not that extreme but I do feel like I'm Kanye right now. Planning all these rentless rendevous because I effin can! In one week if you didn't hear that I was laid out on someone's beach sippin 12 Mahi Tai's and having sunblock and baby oil rubbed down my back then I've been too responsible and that is NOT what I'm going for right now. I've been way to on top of it recently to stress out about why spending $1000 on Spring break is probably not the smartest idea. I'm not trying to hear it from ANYONE. Who's gonna check me boo? Not you!

And when I return to the district I hope that the weather will stop with its foolish games! I'm trying to strut on the yard for my last sring semster at Howard. I'm trying to shake my ass at all the parties, clubs and dances I can find! I need to be well prepared to rock out when my favs come to town like Adele, J*Davey, Twin Shadow, The GO! Team and whoever else decides to make an apperence. I will continue to eat lettuce, do Zumba and the Insanity workout (This is a whole other post...healthy life style changes are upon me!) and I'll continue to uhhhm..."whip my hair" back and forth as it continues to grow all kinkycurlycoily all over my head.

I'm really feeling myself right now and I want people to see that. Nooooo It's not conceit, just self-appreciation!

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