Monday, June 13, 2011

What you need

Sooooooo can someone please tell me who this person/group really is, who has been taking over all of my musical sources recently? I’m usually a fan of mystery but this has been really racking my mind! It's been about 4 months since I've been put on to The Weeknd, and I have yet to figure out anything about this guy/girl/person/people. From my constant listening I’ve only been able to conclude that there’s a male “lead singer”, he/they are from North Cali and he/they have a strong affinity for pills, girls, liquor and outer body experiences. And strangely I can't get enough!

As the queen of google I haven’t found a picture, a blog post, not even a tweet about this performer’s identity. But I guess I have to allow him/them to keep up the alluring mysticism. It’s helping with the appeal. Now if you’re out of the loop and have no idea who The Weeknd is, don’t feel bad. Here’s the songs I love. After you listen then we'll know the same amount. smh!

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