Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego??

I've been off the map once again (surprise, surprise) But I promise it's for a good reason this time. I'm in South Carolina trying to make that money! Just consider this an extended business trip. I have two jobs lined up currently, and I'm looking for a third. I won't be officially starting untill this weekend so I've been taking these past few weeks to enjoy the wonderful weather and time with my family. I don't have cell service in this here low-country, and I hardly never feel like sitting on a computer for more than the necessary time it takes to check my facebook and e-mail. I've been having constant tea time with my favorite cousin Shemia. And I've been working hard on this Kanye West workout plan. It's been a true struggle with all of this delicious home cooked southern cuisine around ever corner. I swear if my family isn't eating one meal they are preparing for another one! I do love being down here. I really couldn't take DC/MD seriously any more. You know how they always say that if you are surrounded by someone so often you don't have any opportunity to miss or appreciate them? Yeah the DMV is that "someone" I need to get away from, so I can rememeber why I loved it so much, at one time. But until then I'll keep practicing my T.I slur, drinking 4-loko under the car port and learning all the line dances I can remember!

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