Monday, May 23, 2011

WHO runs the world?

Please believe that giving this compliment isa little hard for me. I'm never the one on "Beyonce watch", trying to see what greatness she'll bring to the world next. But I will not deny dopeness when it is ever so evident. It only took 1 time of me watching the video to know "Who Runs the World". I loved how powerful she is in the video. Her dancing is (for lack of a better word) FIERCE! Stepping it up in 7inch heels like she was walking in them since birth. I can't say I enjoy the actually lyrics of the song but I will most definitely give it up to Bey. When the pressure is on because most of the world is watching for your next move, you always bring it...and more importantly, with class. I think more people would have appreciated it if this came out circa 1998 when the Spice Girl's, girl power movement, was all the rage. But as a wanna-be feminist, it's safe to assume that i'm trying to learn the dance moves like everyone else.

Here's her performance from this year's Billboards. When you have performers like Barbra Streisand, Bono and Stevie Wonder saying that you are great, you probably are. The audience filled with her fellow celebs were on their feet the entire time. The performance was bomb. point. blank. And the fact that it started off with her back-up dancers actually being an army of Beyonce's shows you that she doesn't need ANYONE to pull reigns for her.


  1. ahhhhh this bitch gave me life after this song. I'm actually about to blog about her now.

  2. This performance was INCREDIBLE! She really did a great job.

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