Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh, and did I mention...

that this weekend is Lollapalooza in CHI-town. So many great acts but the one that I told myself I would not miss...the one that I told myself I was going to see no matter who tells me no, was my FAVORITE- Coldplay. I had tickets. I bought them the first week of June....But I had to sell them because I'll be owing Howard money until my children go to college probably. SMDH! This will have to suffice...(le sigh)...

(edit:Now that I've watched it, the performance was BRILLANT! It would have been a life changing experience I'm sure! Not to mention the TRIBUTE TO AMY WINEHOUSE! I swear I cried!!!!! And now i'm twice as mad about not being able to go. ugh! goodnight)

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  1. 11:00 - Hurts Like Heaven 17:09 - Yellow 21:29 - In My Place 26:30 - Major Minus 30:09 - Lost! 34:04 - The Scientist 39:55 - Shiver 44:47 - Violet Hill 48:50 - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 53:02 - Everything's Not Lost 1:00:17 - Us Against the World 1:04:55 - Politik 1:09:53 - Viva la Vida 1:14:57 - Charlie Brown 1:19:10 - Life is for Living 1:23:57 - Clocks 1:28:23 - Rehab/ Fix You 1:34:27 - Every Teardrop is a Waterfall