Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two hearts in the beat of ecstasy

Man I don't know why I haven't vocally proclaimed my adoration for Michael Jackson's music. And I don't know why I felt it appropriate to do so now. I think it has something to do with the fact that my cousin told me that she didn't care for any of his music (except Remember the Time" and that was only because of the celebs and the dancing in the music video.) It's probably really due to the fact that I've been really affected by the death of some of my favorite musicians within the last few years that I've been really in my feelings. I find that locking myself inside a candlelit room, laying on the bed while listening to the non-stop, playing of music from the deceased is my therapy. Well it may not be the best suggestion to help one "move on", but at least the personal concert allows me to experience an arrangement of emotions without having anyone witness my extremely weak and fragile state.

"Lady in my Life" as well as "Human Nature" are my all time favorite songs by him. Don't get me wrong, it was near impossible to narrow down his songs into "the favorite" category. I really love it ALL!But you know that song that comes on and gives you chills and butterflies, lyrically captures you and puts you on the brink of tears every time it comes on (no matter how many times it comes on)? That would be these two songs. Not to mention I wrote a spookily-bomb orchestral arrangement of "Lady in my Life" a couple years ago (if I do say so myself, and I do!). So it has a very soft spot in my heart.

""Human Nature"

Lady in My Life"

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