Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sex and The City (with none of the first)

Man, I really love New York. I need one if those shirts right now. But anywho, I was all up in the concrete jungle this weekend. I was visiting my bffffff, Ryan, who just recently moved up there for grad school. We were supposed to be submerged in a weekend of free muscial amusement atthe Afro-punk festival in Brooklyn, but of course it was cancelled because of that ho, Irene.

So the weekend went a little something like this;

First day:

  • Got off the megabus and was greeted by Ryan.
  • Got incredibly confused at this 3 story K-mart. Bought snacks to eat and pillows to sleep on.
  • Rode the subway to Ryan's place in Harlem. Got pissed that the subway doesn't have escalators like the DC metros.
  • Went on a full scale search for a liqour store like a crack fiend. Found it and decided that a $13 handle of rum and some lime flavored SoCo was gonna have to do.
  • Went back to the apartment and started drinking. Got on the subway and tipsy-ly sung any and every song that came to our head.
  • Walked to Washington Square Park and was indulged by a top notch pianist, a white girl dancing rhythm-lessly to a performance by the rhythm section, a guy and his guitar, a jazz band with a fly Alto sax player a half naked black man in the middle of a fountain and a white couple making love in the water.
  • We visited the NYU bookstore then walked around downtown. Ran into this miniature cupcake store, (spending all all the money on nastiness). Walked back to the megabus let-off to pick up our friend Marquis.
  • Get back to the apartment. Resumed sippin. Drunk emailed my summer fling that I wanted to be laying on the beach with him ( I must stop doing that) he replied that I should have saved my bus money for New York and visited him instead. I laughed out loud and went to sleep.

Next day:

  • Went early morning walking around Harlem before everything closed down because of the storm.
  • Stayed inside all day watching/singing songs from Disney movies.
  • Played the question game with Quis and Ryan.
  • Realized that I'm far from happy and tend to live my life for others. Discovered that relationships are for suckas and drinking Neurogasm can lead to mens inhibitions flying out the window.

On Sunday:

  • the effects of cabin fever were settling in.
  • I bought a box of blacks from the corner store. Smoked almost 2 and a half by myself on the fire escape.
  • had an allergic reaction to something that made me break out in hives. (rolls eyes)
  • went back to the corner store to buy a bag of ice. bought it then returned it because who needs ice with shots.
  • Still feelin the blacks, I almost threw the bottle of liquor on Ryan because he didn't want to take shots.
  • was unreasonably mad so I went on a 50min walk around the neighborhood looking for not only an open store at 11 pm, with ice, but also the ability to tell niggas that I'm pissed off and I don't trust them.
  • went back into the house, almost cried in the bathroom.
  • sucked it up, took 4 double shots of SoCo and next thing I know emotions went from 0 to 80 in 2.6 seconds.
  • Negroes got ignant drunk!
  • I hid the handle of rum from my friends, because drinking was turning from fun to reckless and babysitting was not apart of my weekend (or any other time) plans.
  • Had a kumbaya powwow were I realized that I love my friends and hate them at the very same time.
  • Smoked the rest of the black.
  • Watched the lion king, cried during the stampede and started thinking about how I have more trust issuses than Drake.
  • Got hella irratated, and went to sleep listening to The Weeknd.


  • Had a playdate in Central Park.
  • Went to Grimaldi's Pizza and ate 2 very delish sausage/pepperoni/basil slices.
  • Waited in the longest line ever for the most yummy ice cream from the Shake Shack.
  • Got in a fake fight with Ryan.
  • Cried because I wanted a taxi to take us to the Megabus pick-up.....but with no money we ended up walking 40 min with a 30 pound duffle bag. -____-
  • Got to the bus and threw up on the wrong buses bathroom.
  • Hugged Ryan, Got on the bus with Quis
  • Put on my head phones, my sunglassess cried cause I missed NY already and fell asleep.
Overall the weekend was amazing and one of the best I've ever had, despite how emotional and what-not. And because you know I hardly never go a post without a song or video...this one sums up the weekend quite well...

"Yes"- Coldplay

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