Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear New York Fashion Week,

You knew I couldn't attend this year yet you saw fit to proceed without me. How very rude. I'm not even mad. I had lots of things to do this weekend anyway. Studying, eating cheesecake, counting the cracks in the ceiling....yeah, they all come to mind. Besides who would want to meet Corrine Bailey Rae, watch models strut Narciso Rodrigue and Tori Burch down the runway, dance out to Solange's mix, spend hundreds of dollars at one store after another, get super cute every night, and enjoy gift bags filled with hella expensive stuff I would never buy even if I had the money to? Who would want to enjoy any of that? I know I wouldn't. I would never give up the chance to beat 20 more rounds of Angry Birds for NYFW. Seriously. I'm cool off you.




  1. lol LOVE this :) I love Adinkra Symbols.. I have one tattooed on me!!! Cool back ground and really SMART blog!!! Can't wait to see more :) Following you.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind comment and for follwing Ju'lia. I love adinkras as well! Which one do you have tattooed? I REALLY want Osram ne nsoromma. Hopefully in the very near future.