Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aww snap! Look who's on the come-up!

My friends were in town this weekend so I took a hiatus from the computer so I could play catch up as well as work on some readings for class. I get back online today and what do I see waiting for me? A comment from the lovely lady, Kimberly over at FWB, as well as quite a few new followers. I was 10 steps past surprised/humbled/appreciative, at the fact that I was nominated for a Blog Award! I really want to thank the beautiful ladies of FWB. for the complete honor. Trust me, being noticed by a blog that you admire for their handwork/dedication to their audience, is indescribable. Honestly if you haven't checked them out you're playing ALL the games. Especially you females! The creators of the site are young, black females who are making it their job to empower other females, through all aspects of womanhood...What more can you ask for?!

So I've been asked to nominate some blogs of my own. As well as give 7 random facts about myself. So here we go…!

  1. I am straight up ADDICTED to the show "Psych". It will never get old to me. I can continuously watch the same episodes a thousand times and I'll always laugh out loud.
  2. I would love to use my background/degree in music to start a foundation or co-op of some sort that will actually save the arts in our schools.
  3. I was born in England and lived there for 8 years.
  4. I hate going into bathrooms directly after someone has taken a bath or shower. It makes me want to vomit.
  5. I secretly have dreams of Musiq Soulchild and I having a picnic where he's serenading me with his guitar as I re-twist his dreads (although he has none).
  6. I firmly believe that leggings are pants and some pieces of lingerie can be worn as visible attire.
  7. Most people will never pronounce my first name correctly...even if they've known me for years. Maish├ęda (pronounced: May-Shay-Duh). That's why I introduce myself as "Shay", first.

And here are the blogs I find myself constantly stalking reading in no particular order. Check them owwwwt!!!

(p.s I want to thank all of my followers as well as those who just read my blog periodically. You actually chosing to continue to read my random [and most times ridiculous] reflections is such a big deal to me!)

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