Friday, October 14, 2011

Earl Grey

Hopefully no one saw the blog design seizure that occurred over here today. I swear I changed the layout an unacceptable 22 times! It's staying just like this for a while. I just can't. And the SAD part is I have a fairly large amount of experience/knowledge of web designing but I'm just way too busy lazy to actually do any type of html/coding. But in other news...

Tomorrow I'm taking myself to lunch. Partly because I have a coupon for a free entree at Fajita Grande, but also because I need to do some serious thinking. Especially before next week. It's going to be CRUNCH time for real. My students have their mid-terms and I have my own. Well I only have one but my professor forgot that I'm enrolled in an online class which means this was suppose to be an easy "A" class. Clearly she didn't get that memo and a fly-by class is far from the reality of the situation. I also have interviews for a few jobs (FINALLY, THANK GOD!) and Homecoming is next week.

I'm usually much more hype about Homecoming time but this year I can't even fake the excitement. It could be because I won't be at ANY events this year, because I couldn't afford to go to any. And even if I had $50 to pay for an R&B show ticket or $50 to pay for the step show ticket, it wasn't going to happen. How dare they pimp me out of my money to see Monica and Joe (-_____-) and watch the same routine from the divine 9?...well from the orgs that bother to show up. I shall pass. But I'll see you at yard fest on Friday. It's free and it's pretty safe to say that I'll be too inebriated to care about the events I'm missing. Honestly the only reason I'll be on campus next weekend is to see my friends who graduated last year. And when I say "see" I mean drink with them.

I'm rambling and I've completely gotten off subject. So back to my lunch date tomorrow.

I need to take a pen and paper with me and write my long and short term goals. A list of distractions (whether they are objects or people) that I need to cut from my life. And I need to decide what I'm doing directly after graduation in December. So hopefully this tea time I plan on having with my self will help enlighten my path.

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