Sunday, October 16, 2011

... because you left me in such a sorry state

Ever felt like you're being ignored? Have you ever put too much effort into notifying someone just to be left completely bamboozled on why no response has been given back to you? Especially when the last time you guys communicated every thing was cooler than peachy keen? Moments like these confuse me. It makes me feel so weak and sorry. I'm not usually the one who blows up phones or facebook stalk. But I see myself acting a little out of my character for this person. I mean they could honestly be busy/preoccupied/taking care of business/taking a sabbatical from life/phone-less or internet-less. All of those things do happen... especially with me. So the benefit of a doubt has to be given for at least a short period of time. BUT THEN the person you are trying to speak with has not only been completely active on social-networking and blogs but has kept up communication with mutual friends or yours. What does this mean? Sometimes I over think things. Put too much thought in "The-Worst-Case-Scenario". But how long is too long? When does it officially become acceptable to hang up the phone and not try again?

Especially if it's someone you truly care about?

("Twilight"-Melody Gardot)

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