Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Rhi Rhi,

I'm feeling your racey/risque videos as of late. You help release my inner bad bitch, and I love it. You had me wanting to pop pills, tattoo possessive pronouns on my boyfriend's behind, dance on tables and run naked in my neighbor's fields.  I know people stay hatin on you but it's cool shawty. You've had my love since "Pon de Replay". Although I had to take a break from you during the "Rated R" days. At the time you were getting over a particular relationship and I was getting into one. I needed sappy love and you were giving me distressed suicidal. But now I'm back on board and we're riding easy. Keep the upgraded Christina Aguliera "Dirty", commin!

P.S I was always "Team Rhi Rhi".


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