Wednesday, December 14, 2011

not living...just existing...

Today I woke up and realized that I have nothing to do. Like....nothing of all. I ended up getting up pretty early, did some facebook stalking, read/sent a few emails, reblogged some realitvely interesting tumblr posts then conversed with a boy named Xavier about the Grinder app. None of this seems necessarily fulfilling yet it seems to be the only thing I've been doing recently. Now that I've graduated and told.myself.that I wont be making any life ending altering decisions until after the new year, life has been filled with an abundance of social interacting and networking. (ie...I stay my ass on the computer and phone.) I want need to reconnect with the blog and real life. But honestly nothing of excitement or of blog writing worth has recently happened to me. And my brain has been complete mush with the excess amount of computing and television-ing I've been doing to write any type of opinionated post. But it will change. Today I plan on getting up buying some books from Barnes and Noble and start really diving into some things. This is my statement to the universe and God. Please hear it and stop all forces/spirits of laziness and lethargy from continuing to rest in this here vessel.

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