Monday, March 19, 2012

Lost & Found

LET ME TELL YA. I have never been more excited to see where music will lead someone until I found Lianne La Havas. The first time I heard her sing I literally said, "Where has this been ALL my life?" I'm telling you, the British have given us three great things; Idris Elba, Harry Potter and music. Amy, Corinne, Elton, Duffy, Joss, Shirley Bassey, Coldplay, Daniel, The Beatles and the list seems to never stop. Well add Lianne to the ever forming list because I can't get enough. If you do anything today PLEASE watch the first video below. Her cover of Rihanna's, Only Girl in the World, is perfection. Rih Rih I love your trashy ass but true vocalist will always prevail in my books. Her voice reminds me of a cool blend of Alice Smith, Joss Stone and Corinne Bailey Ray. And her folk meets soul sound gives me life. Please acclimate yourself with her, because when her album drops later this year, you don't want to miss out.

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