Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Ultimate Put On Deux

A while ago I did a post called, "The Ultimate Put On," where I made a playlist of what music I was frequenting at the time. I decided to do another one. I originally wanted to do it quite frequently, especially since I'm always happily stumbling on some musical gems in my opinion. Unfortunately my little hp computer with it's Movie Maker made making the playlist something like HELL. But I have a new desktop and It worked out so much more smoothly than originally.

So here it is. A compilation playlist of some of the music that has stayed on repeat since at least the beginning of the year until now. It features songs that are recent, old, and hitting many genres. Most from artist you don't really hear on the radio. I hope you enjoy it and tell me what songs you have recently kept on repeat.

Oh and I added a downloadable version of the songs in the playlist if your interested in hearing/having the full versions.

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