Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear June,

        It's me. Shay. You may remember me from about 31 days ago. Although the difference in time has only been  about 4 weeks or 744 hours or 44,640 minutes or 2,678,400 seconds (depending on how you look at it), some major changes have been evident all around me. Last month I was scrapping at the droppings of childhood I had left. And now that it's June I feel more mature than I did a month ago. And I've finally accepted the adult that I am.  After some deep reflection I realized that the things that seemed so important the last few years/months/days are so small when compared to the grand scheme of things. And the things and people I took so very lightly are what truly matter. A month ago I was finally beginning to think that I found good footing in the idea of living for myself. 31 days later I don't think that I understand that concept...I KNOW I do. I've mastered differentiating "living for me" from "selfishness". And I've put that knowledge into direct application. I've become a bigger person and ultimately a better person for it. I've stopped allowing my need for control to be an excuse for depression. I understand that things don't always work out the way you want no matter how much "work" you think you put into it. Life happens exactly the way it's suppose to. Everything takes place for a reason. Life's a process and I'm finally learning to love that process.

May was a life-changing month. But June....June, you will be overwhelming in an astonishing way. I'll be taking every revelation, epiphany, situation, opportunity and realization I experienced the last 31 days and make you the month I'll be excited to tell July all about.

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