Friday, July 27, 2012


I need a vacay on the ASAP! I've never worked this much in my life. It's really starting to take a toll on me actually. The bags under my eyes are growing heavier by the moment. But as I look at the accumulation of ducketts in my savings account, I won't complain (too much). But I did dip into my funds to support a duo that may work harder than me.


The lovely Shannon Boodram and Andrea Lewis of Those Girls Are Wild make working hard, making moves and looking good, look easy and attainable for all us "wild gals" out here. The website Thosegirlsarewild and Youtube pageThosegirlsarewild/videos are two outlets for young women who are devoted to mentor-ship, embracing themselves, embracing others, changing the world around us, being game changers, following dreams, inspiring others and making moves (to name a few things).

When they designed the "TAKE EM TO THE JUNGLE" snapback, I knew I had to be apart! So I bought mine over at And since I've received it I haven't been able to take it off! I LOVE the Kente print and the slogan, which I've interpreted as a way of saying, "Show everyone who you are. Even if you're a little crazy. Be you. Completely and Un-apologetically."

Yup, so that's that. I have to say; I appreciate them reminding me that in the end all this hard work will definitely pay off.  

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