Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life Update

Sooooo basically the following are what is making up my life...

*School starts in about a month
*the NAACP is on the verge of getting a nice little 2 weeks notice from me!
*I've applied to a shiz load of jobs....and i've heard back from....ZERO (pray for me!)
*My best female friend, Taylor, and I are at a complete lost when it comes to the opposite sex
*My best friend, Dan, from England was killed in a car crash.
*In the past I thought I was good at handling grief....I was wrong. I've been crying every night.
*A certain ex of mine continually tries to make a statement in my life (blog on that coming soon)
*Me and my future roommate will be moving into our new abode on SATURDAY! If you're not for the "move"ment, you're hendering it! (sry, inside joke)
*We are a bit OD when it comes to decorating our new home. I've been watching an unhealthy amount of HDTV recently. Blame the excitement for only making things worst!
*Once I'm out the house I'm pretty much cutting most ties to my family.
*Twitter is slowly turning into the bain of my existence.
*Overall Summer '09 has still been the BEST so far.

There's probably more but I'm too tired to finish now. A new post will be up tonight tho =D

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