Thursday, October 15, 2009

B-abe I-n T-otal C-ontrol of H-er life!

I guess I never really realized how much of a bitch I can be. Well actually I still don’t think I am but OBVIOUSLY from the lack of interaction I’m having with certain people then it must be me, right? Well fine, I’ll play along with it for now…

So yea I’m now a bitch. But I’m wondering if it’s a bad thing. In the past I’ve been the one who people would probably consider being sickeningly sweet. In my circle of friends I was always the person whose patience and caring outweighed my own personal frustration (even when most times I wasn’t in the wrong). But I’m just soooooo over it. I’m over slopping around depressed and lifeless. I’m tired of being the female who goes to my friends upset about my romantic and platonic situations hoping that they will regale me with verbal demolishment of those particular wrong doers. And when I got their full support I was quick to isolate myself from society and turn on the music, so I could sabotage my emotions even more. (This usually consisted of Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, and Kanye’s 808s and heartbreak.)

I’m learning that I’m doing a pretty great job of hiding my frustration with certain people and situations. Unfortunately for me, the people who add to my frustration mistake my “building a bridge and getting the fuck over it,” as BITCHASSNESS. Really tho? It’s not like I’m doing anything to you. Except of course ignoring you, not acknowledging your presence, and living my life. What do you want from me? Obviously you want me to be the miserable sack of ridiculousness I was in the past?? You got me FUCKED up! So what if I’ve now decided to exercise the right to reciprocate the emotional distress placed upon me by people who stupidly think I will not retaliate. You’re lucky I’ve grown out of venting thru social networking sites. Because you know as well as I that I’m known for quickly changing a status or tweeting about how I’m feeling about your life. Yea maybe that’s a bit bitchy, but so be it. Believe me; you wouldn’t want me to pull a Jazmin Sullivan on your ass. You better believe my bitchiness is slowly developing to that point. (Pray you don’t have a car if you ever fuck me over!)

I don’t know. I’m not really trying to re-evaluate my new lifestyle. I guess my ignoring your ignorance, and living my life like everything is peachy keen is a sign of certified bitch. Oh the fuck well. Trust me you would rather have it this way. Because having watched Waiting to Exhale about 63 times has brainwashed me to think that blowing up your car is acceptable...

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