Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The spy who shagged me...

I have the fluuuuuuu. No it's not H1N1, just that good old garden variety, sesonal flu. Give me tll Friday. I'm sure I'll be fine then.

In other news....

It’s another day in the world of Shay and although socially and academically I’m on top of my game, I’ve realized that I’m once again losing motivation. (Of course this being the terrible condition that I seem to unfortunately face every semester). It’s just sad because I had every intention of being top shiz this year. I mean my workload has doubled (tripled if you compare it to what I did freshman year). I still have a job (surprisngly). I started joining organizations that not only opened doors to networking opportunities but also opened the door to new friendships as well.

On the outside everything looks pretty great. But let us not be fooled by the awkward appearance of perfection. Not one person who I’ve recently encountered is completely happy with the way things are headed this time in the semester. I wonder is that because of the heap of school work or the lack of interaction between friends. Everyone just seems to have lost their mojo. And at this crucial time in the semester, it is crazy to think that the majority of the student body (including myself) is simply depressed.

The sooner the end of this semester comes the sooner my GPA will be back on point. The sooner I’ll be in some real classes. And yes the sooner to Independence and Adulthood! (feb. 2nd can't come sooner...hello 21!!) I’m more than ready for 2010. This year everything was about the beginning process of change. But in 2010 I expect some big differences. Among them are: saying good bye to them good old teenage years, the downfall of a slowly building republican nation, either refining a relationship or starting to truly jump into that dating scene, and finally being exactly where I want to be academically.

It’s a shame that everyone is going from “just live your life” to “can we just end this life?” in a matter of minutes. My goodness November…can you hurry and end already. And if not can you please replenish the mojo you thought so necessary to steal at a time like this? I can only imagine what finals will be like. Not Shagadelic in the slightest.

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