Monday, October 5, 2009

She use to be the sweetest girl

And then I realized that mess was for the birds!! Sometimes in real life you’ll notice that the bad guy always seems to win. No matter what the situation, the person with the most astuteness, manipulation skills and the hardest heart has the tendency to be victorious. For those of us who seem to care more about others and doing the right thing we tend to fall and stay behind and constantly look stupid (for lack of better words). And I’m officially tired of being so complacent.
Major example would be my dealings with my Bisexual, ex-boyfriend Nick. He constantly tries to have my life in the palms of my hand and I’m tired of it. Quick story to bring you up to speed with what I’m constantly forced to deal with:

So earlier this summer was the first major ridiculous dealing I had with him…Soooooo in an attempt to pick up some paperwork from Nick (since we work together we have a lot of back and forth with papers and such), I was forced to go to this boy’s apartment in the eastern Market area. (Keep in mind he knew I was coming!) On arrival I was faced with a pretty unforgettable sight. First off, why you would leave your front door open in the middle of South East, DC is beyond my comprehension but that’s fine. So I took that as an open invitation and walked in. What did I see? A half naked (as in shirt on but NO bottoms, not even an effin thong!) chick sitting on the couch watching effin Yu-Gi-Oh! Because I was so startled all I could do was stand there and ask where Nick was, I guess he heard me because he rushed out some back room not attempting to apologize for the naked broad chilling in his living room. So then the girl, with no shame at all, decided that it was best to get up and walk towards me and ask if she could get me something like a drink. Because I’m still speechless at this time Nick was like, “yea get her a shot glass and some tequila.: and while the girl was accommodating my life he whispers, “so I know this looks awkward but what happened was, her grandfather died and she came over to talk and she was so sad that she took her pants off….”

So for some reason I feel it best to be cordial and I asked the girl what her name was.
Her response: “Jezebel”
My response: “Wasn’t she a prostitute in the bible.”
Her response: “No, that was Mary Magdalene. Jezebel was just a freak.”
My response: “…” (silence)

So then I asked her where she was from
Her response: “What do you mean?”
My response: (imagine my facial expression at this point) “I mean for instance I’m from MD, where do you currently reside?”
Her response: “Oh! I’m from all around the DC urrea (“area” for those not accustomed to the dialect of a DC local).”
My response: “Well that’s lovely”
Nick’s response: “So who’s up for early morning drinking games?”
My response: (in high pitched voice) “Nigga can I get that paperwork because it’s essential I hurry up and get to work”

So I get the papers and walk out the door. Not before telling the still naked “Jezzy “(lol) it was nice to “meet” her and giving Nick the “look of DOOM”.

So that ridiculous story should have of course ended our communication but then it got worst…
So this past weekend was the Maxwell concert in DC. At the end of August, Nick told me bought him and I tickets. So WHY OH WHY do the day before he calls me telling me the game plan for the following evening, and then calls the morning of asking me where we should meet up beforehand? Normal activity for folks about to got a concert, right? BUUUUUT then of course minutes before we are suppose to meet up I get a phone call from him telling me that he’s stuck in Baltimore with one of his friends, 45 min away. Super upset I go home and lay down and then an unfamiliar number calls me. I answer and it’s Nick’s friend that he’s supposedly stuck with. The friend tells me, “Look, I’m not trying to be in the middle of this but I’m letting you know that Nick is really in DC and is taking his BOYFRIEND to the Maxwell concert.”

Oh is he, really? Perfection. So instead of telling me from the beginning that you couldn’t take me you lead me on to the very hour before the show to have your friend tell me that you had no intentions of taking me once your BOYFRIEND found out that you bought tickets for us??? Sir, I would have understood the situation if you had told me like A MONTH AGO! Look you can’t play with a girl’s emotions when it comes to Maxwell!

So when do I let the ridiculous games settle with someone else? Yea about now. I’m tired of playing the used tissue in my ex’s idea of a joke. And if you like to play games then hell, I wanna play too and I’ll do the honors of deal myself in a hand. I’m done getting fooled. It’s a muthafuccinwrap!

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