Monday, November 23, 2009

smooth sailings...

When you hear the word “friendships”, you ideally think positive. (Like such references to laughter, support, cooperation and altruism.) But like everything else, it has a dark side (envy, bitterness and manipulation.) You expect your friends to celebrate and support your success and when they don’t, it leaves you bewildered, angry and confused. I don’t believe that this is because they aren’t really your friends at all. Just like a romantic relationship you go through your highs and lows. You even face times of separation that can possibly show you how much you truly miss/need them. Every relationship can’t just be about the good. So this leaves me thinking- how do we navigate the negatives of friendship? Are you friends only with those who you think are equal with you? And when this balance starts to change, is the friendship in trouble? And are you only friends when the sea is “smooth sailings”? Do you drop the title when you feel that rifts have permanently severed your ties?

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