Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good the Bad and the Ugly of 2010!

I have all these ideas for post this year…but before I head into the new year one post I meant to do before that big ol’ ball dropped was my favs and hates of last year. So Ima do it 4 days later because I freakin can! =D

[*disclaimer* I might be a hater for the next 6 minutes. Don’t be mad; just let me have my moment. I promise my 2011 resolution is to love everything about everything and everyone. *insert side eye…….here*]

Best film of 2010: Inception

I was completely in love with the Matrix trilogy, but this just blew it out the water in 1 movie. The idea that what we think is reality is really something that some has placed into our minds is so scary yet so fascinating to me. The whole theater was on the edge of our seats the entire movie. Simply fantasic!

Worst film of 2010: Why did I Get Married Too?

I really don’t have to explain. All should have to do is say the name Tyler Perry and that should be enough.

Best Album: Corinne Bailey Rae’s- The Sea

Written after a tragic death of her husband, “The Sea” had some of the best singles like “Closer”, “I’d do it all again” and “The Sea”. Not only did her music deliver every emotion she must have felt but it showed us that the best music is written in a time of pain.

Worst Album: Keri Hilson- No boys Allowed

I almost had them with the “Pretty Girl Rock”, video. But then that mess “The Way That You Love Me” came and smashed any hope for me to become a fan. I really wanted to give her a chance so I downloaded the album (I wasn’t about to BUY that ish!) and I could hardly get past the first song, “Buyou”. Sorry but the lyrics are ridic:

“You see this what I like to call Buyou music cause you better buy you a car, you better buy you a phone and you better buy somewhere to stay or I'ma walk right by you

Well Keri Baby I think you may want to buy yourself a new career cause this one ain’t working so well for you.

Default Album: Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

It’s Yezzy so of course it’s good. And that’s why I put it as the “default album”. I expect it to befantastic (which it was) because nothing less can be tolerated. Kanye West has yet to fail and even through all his crazy he constantly delivers. When his first single “Power” came out I was driving down the highway, windows down, music blasting letting everyone know that I’m the shit. You can call it conceit. You’re probably right. Yezzy taught me.

Best Song: Any track with Nicki Minaj on it….

I don’t care how much you may dislike her. Don’t lie to yourself or anyone else. Nicki took up Lil Wayne’s slack, while he was in jail, and made sure she was on everyone’s track. And any song that in the real world would be consider wack was hype with her on it. For example: Kanye West’s- “Monster”, might as well been her song. People weren’t pressed to learn the male parts of Trey Song’z,-“Bottles up” and Usher’s-“Lil Freak”. Girls and grown women spitting every lyric alike showed that she kept coming off the top as bestests.

Worst Song of the year: 25 for Haiti- We Are the World

This will probably make me sound like an ass but for real!?!? My dislike started when they allowed Justin Beiber to lead this song. Don’t get me wrong, It was beautiful that these people were able to come together for the hope of helping Haiti. I actually commend them for doing so. Also the whole song wasn’t terrible it just got reallllllllllllllllllll bad when Lil Wayne started “singing”, when T-pain couldn’t let go of the vocalizer, when LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes,Will.I.Am and Snoop Dog tried to spit over Michael’s original beat, and Wyclef continued to yell at me the entire time (making me have to yank out my ear plugs every time he came on). I must have all the haters now so Ima just let stop while I’m ahead.

Male of the Year: Lebron James

I never known so many people to care about the outcome of a black man’s life….well maybe President Obama’s, but still in the summer of 2010 every eye was turned on whether this man (that none of us know personally may I add), would make one of the biggest decisions of his life. Yes, the biggest decision. Not who he would marry or what college he would decide to go to but what team he would play on the following season. And when he decided to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bos to become the "Miami Thrice" people were mad! Infuriated even! He’s my choice for male of the year because if I could get my parents to pay even a drop of attention the world paid him that week I’d be set for life!

Women of the Year: Oprah

Do you realize that this woman makes $10 a second, to make up her yearly income? Even when her last episode airs she’ll still be making the same amount of money because she owns a network. Not just a TV show or a beauty salon (like other black women)..A Network.

Best Music Video: Eminem-“Love the Way You Lie”

Not even discussing how hard the actual song went, the video concept was fantastic. M

egan Fox and Dominic Monaghan (yup little Merry from Lord of The Rings) made it look like a music trailer for a movie. They were so hot that the video actually made me want to be in an abusive relationship (don’t judge me). And this was the debuted of Rihanna’s fiery new hair color, which I love!

Worst Music Video: Christina Aguilera- “Not Myself Tonight”

Her voice is gold but I couldn’t take her sadomasochism, seriously. And this is coming from a sex positive feminist! Ima just post the video and let you “enjoy”…

Best kept secret of 2010: Thrifting

I’ve never seen so many people so hype on wearing other people’s old clothing. But I’m not mad at it! Thrifting has become an art form. Allowing people to create their own signature style with cheapie-priced clothing. I’ve found some closet staples at Value Village and I suggest that everyone continue to keep thrift stores in mind when they are trying to find one of a kind outfits for any occasion!

Best thing to reappear in 2011: Four Loko

Many a bad choices made an appearance last year when Four Loko was involved. When

my best friend cried when she stumbled across a case of the watermelon flavored malt liquor, I just knew that she thought it was Christmas. This liquid crack cocaine had Negros out their MIND last year. Maybe it was the 12% alcohol that had people thinking they could handle it. HAHAHAHA fooled ya trick! The depressing properties of the liquor and the stimulant properties from the caffine, guarana and taurine have you on a physical and emotional roller coaster of DOOM. I’m not gonna lie. When I heard they were banning them and taking out everything but the liquor I was upset. But that won’t stop some people from going down south and buying out stores before they do. And if that won’t work try mixing it into a red bull!

Worst thing to reappear in 2011: Anton Dodson

Someone tried to rape his sister and he becomes a star for expressing his hatred for the man…yea the report was spiked with a whole lot of flamboyancy but for real tho? Another step backwards for black people, dang! Admittedly the “Bed Intruder Song” was funny for the first 2 maybe even 3 times I heard it, but for it to become a mother effin sensation? Sorry Mr. Dodson but please don’t intrude my computer or TV with this mess anymore.

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  1. BEST POST EVER. I have to say I agree with everything for the same exact reasons. great minds think alike.